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Who we are?

Transformation in the medical field is ongoing fast and the crucial needs for home health care becomes of utmost importance, here comes our vocation to provide premium quality health care solutions for our customers to answer the growing needs for accurate and convenient check-ups (for example: patients with high blood pressure or diabetes).

We are the first specialized medical devices and supplies company in Egypt

We started our business with a sole mission which is aiming to provide premium quality health care solutions through delivering medical devices , supplies and solutions for our customers to be used easily at home so that they can be assured without concerns of follow-up visits in addition to supplying professional devices for doctors to their use at the clinics or hospitals ,moreover we provide products for well-being and personal-care

To our showroom accessible for all customers in all governorates of Egypt we have online store where all our products are available, guaranteed and regularly updated and we make sure that the courier will deliver to your location within 24-48 hours, in addition to that, our show room is located in 33,Qasr-El Ainy street, Cairo

We have partnerships with the major companies who are the main players in the medical devices field to guarantee the quality of our products and at the same time not compromising on the prices as well where we provide the devices and supplies with a competitive price in the market

Whether you will use the medical device at home or you are a doctor who needs the medical devices and supplies at the clinic, we will be your trusted partner who will ensure that better quality services provided in order to attain the best standards of health-care

Be assured at home